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SHIVSPIX Team USA Women Portraits

Behind the scenes video of the shoot 03-10

If the smiles in the photos don’t prove how much fun we were having, then hopefully this little video will.

SHIVSPIX Team USA Women Portraits

Behind the scenes at the women’s team shoot

I can’t begin to describe how fun this shoot was, but hopefully these behind the scenes images give a taste of it.

SHIVSPIX Team USA Women Portraits

Team USA Women’s Team Portraits

Team USA women’s team portraits

SHIVSPIX Training Team USA

Water Portraits 08-09

Team USA water portraits from training

SHIVSPIX Training Team USA

Lightweight team portraits 2009

Team USA Lightweight team portraits 2009

SHIVSPIX Training Team USA

Women’s Water Portraits 08-09

Women’s water portraits taken during practice

Water portraits 07-24a-06

Rowing portraits taken during training sessions

Team portrait sketches 07-24a-06

Team portrait sketches taken during training sessions

Colin Farrell

Training portrait sketches 07-06

Portrait sketches taken during training sessions

Shivani Self-portrait

Self-portraits by Shivani

It was time I took another set of self-portraits. Couldn’t use the self-portraits I took when I was 24 forever!

The Longest Odds Inside the Olympic Journey

The Longest Odds

Go behind the scenes of the Olympic Journey with The Longest Odds, a photo-documentary that goes inside the Beijing and London Olympic journey of the US Olympic rowing team. 

This book illustrates what you do not see on television – it’s a raw look at what athletes go through during their years-long journeys much before anything appears on television.

The Longest Odds allows us to see those highs and lows, the conflicts, joy, exhaustion, elation, fear – and most of all, the bonds of friendship being indelibly forged.

Introducing Roving Cosmos

Dear friends, I’m excited to share my latest adventure. With Covid-19 and the lockdown keeping me homebound, I realised I was going to need to find a new way to satisfy my need for epic adventures and people trying to achieve big goals. 

I traded my camera for a paint brush, and spent the better part of 2020 learning how to draw. And by the end of the year, Roving Cosmos was born.

Come join me on a new adventure as we go exploring the world beyond earth, following NASA and SpaceX, as we go reaching for the moon, Mars and the stars (all without leaving home)! 

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