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Ned DelGuercio coxinng

Ned DelGuercio Shares Tips on Coxing a 2k

Anything that comes through your microphone should be useful information. Thinking out loud can make you a liability to your crew’s performance.

Marcus McElhenney coxing

Marcus McElhenney’s Tips for When You’re Behind

Remember the rowers are listening to you and no matter what the situation you can always take a positive tone.

Marcus McElhenney

Marcus McElhenney Discusses Getting Involved

Do as much as the rowers and then more.

Pete Cipollone

Losing weight as a coxswain

Team USA coxswain Pete Cipollone shares his thoughts on losing weight as a coxswain

Pete Cipollone coxing

Coaching Novice Coxswains

Team USA coxswain Pete Cipollone shares his thoughts on coaching novice coxswains.

Rowing experience for coxswains

Olympic Gold Medalist Pete Cipollone shares his views on coxswains getting rowing experience.

Ned DelGuercio

Ned DelGuercio Shares How to Fix Poor Rhythm

It is very difficult to fix rhythm by calling direct changes to the rhythm. Instead, work on connection, suspension, and power calls.

Pete Cipollone coxing

A Focus on Steering Straight

Going straight is hard! Still, there are some things you can to do to get good at it.

Marcus McElhenney

Marcus McElhenney Discusses Setting the Right Tone

Team USA coxswain Marcus McElhenney shares how to set the right tone to gain a competitive advantage

Pete Cipollone coxing

Learning from the coxswain seat

Feeling the changes from the seat is such an essential part of learning, so I am not sure there is anything you can read that will get you there.

Marcus McElhenney

The Hard Winter Months: A Coxswain in the Winter

Now is the time to listen to those recordings that we took months back and never listened to because we hate to.

Stephen Young

The Role of a National Team Coxswain

At the elite level, there are two responsibilities that all coxswains must do all the time, and those are to be at weight (55.0 kg) and to steer straight.

Ned DelGuercio Discusses Coxswain Rivalries

You have to respect your rival. Having competition forces you to get better.

SHIVSPIX Training Team USA

Improving Team Dynamics as a Coxswain

Darcy Marquardt shares tips on goal-setting and trust-building as a way to build strong team dynamics.

Mike Teti in the launch

Coach Mike Teti on what makes a good coxswain

Mike Teti shares his summary of the key traits that make for a good coxswain.

Marcus McElhenney

Marcus McElhenney shares rowing lessons he applies at school

One of the best things I learned from rowing [is by] not being afraid to screw up while still trying my hardest all the time, I always walk away with something.

Coxswains racing

Learning from Other Coxswains – A Tribute to Acer Nethercott

If coxswains get along, the whole team gets better and so do they. If they do not, it can be chaos and practices are disrupted.

Pete Cipollone coxing

Pete Cipollone Shares How to Get a Feel for the Boat

Boat feel is critical for choosing the right technical calls to make your crew go faster.

Pete Cipollone coxing

Pete Cipollone Shares How to Avoid Being “Noise”

Pete Cipollone shares coxswain tips on how to avoid rowers tuning you out.

Leigh Heyman Addresses the Age Issue

Leigh Heyman shares his experience of becoming a national team coxswain in his 30’s.

Training for Olympics

What is the process to earn a spot to compete at the Olympics?

Have you ever wondered what all the steps are to get to the Olympics? Here’s a look at which events athletes will need to compete in to earn their spot.

SHIVSPIX Team USA Women Portraits

Behind the scenes video of the shoot 03-10

If the smiles in the photos don’t prove how much fun we were having, then hopefully this little video will.

SHIVSPIX Team USA Women Portraits

Behind the scenes at the women’s team shoot

I can’t begin to describe how fun this shoot was, but hopefully these behind the scenes images give a taste of it.

SHIVSPIX Team USA Women Portraits

Team USA Women’s Team Portraits

Team USA women’s team portraits

Lightweight team practice 07-06

Team USA Lightweight men practicing on Lake Mercer in West Windsor, New Jersey.

SHIVSPIX Pete Cipollone

Pete Cipollone on what makes a great coxswain

Olympic gold medalist coxswain Pete Cipollone shares what makes a great coxswain

SHIVSPIX Training Team USA

Water Portraits 08-09

Team USA water portraits from training

SHIVSPIX Training Team USA

Lightweight team portraits 2009

Team USA Lightweight team portraits 2009

SHIVSPIX Training Team USA

Women’s Water Portraits 08-09

Women’s water portraits taken during practice

SHIVSPIX Training Team USA

Team USA Training 08-09

Team USA training in preparation for World Championships 2009

SHIVSPIX Chris Ahrens

Olympian Chris Ahrens shares his honest advice for athletes aiming for the Olympics

USA Olympic gold medalist Chris Ahrens shares his advice for athletes aiming for the Olympics

Tom Paradiso, Simon Carcagno, Matt Muffelman, Colin Farrell

Team USA Lightweights Training 07

Team USA Lightweights training for the World Championships

Water portraits 07-24a-06

Rowing portraits taken during training sessions

Team portrait sketches 07-24a-06

Team portrait sketches taken during training sessions

Simon Carcagno, Matt Muffelman

Team USA Training 07-24a-06

Team USA Lightweight rowers training at Lake Mercer

Colin Farrell

Training portrait sketches 07-06

Portrait sketches taken during training sessions

Team USA Training

Training Team USA 07-21-06

Team USA Rowers racings against each other during training sessions

The Longest Odds Inside the Olympic Journey

The Longest Odds

Go behind the scenes of the Olympic Journey with The Longest Odds, a photo-documentary that goes inside the Beijing and London Olympic journey of the US Olympic rowing team. 

This book illustrates what you do not see on television – it’s a raw look at what athletes go through during their years-long journeys much before anything appears on television.

The Longest Odds allows us to see those highs and lows, the conflicts, joy, exhaustion, elation, fear – and most of all, the bonds of friendship being indelibly forged.

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