Tom Paradiso, Simon Carcagno, Matt Muffelman, Colin Farrell

Team USA Lightweights Training 07

Team USA Lightweight Men’s Four practicing ahead of the Rowing World Championships.

Date: July 24, 2006

Location: Lake Mercer, New Jersey

The Longest Odds Inside the Olympic Journey

The Longest Odds

Go behind the scenes of the Olympic Journey with The Longest Odds, a photo-documentary that goes inside the Beijing and London Olympic journey of the US Olympic rowing team. 

This book illustrates what you do not see on television – it’s a raw look at what athletes go through during their years-long journeys much before anything appears on television.

The Longest Odds allows us to see those highs and lows, the conflicts, joy, exhaustion, elation, fear – and most of all, the bonds of friendship being indelibly forged.

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